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deck What the deck is this book?

It’s the best month of the year to enjoy a nice deck here in San Francisco. Lucky deck-users can warm themselves around a nice, hot grill — and during July the fog lifts for whole minutes at a time.

Tailor Decks has gotten the entire Blurb office all excited about decking opportunities. Sure, our unique weather system may not be the most conducive to deck-like activity, but this book is so beautifully shot — and has such powerful marketing value — that we’re all excited about … well … about putting away our hammers, stowing our toolbags, and calling the professionals at Tailor Decks.

This book is a great marketing tool. The photos are excellent, the layout of the book is strong and clean, and — most importantly — using a book to market a decking company is an original, innovative, and clever idea.

I hate to belabor the obvious, but similar books for contractors, handy-people, and real-estate professionals (including stagers) can make equally excellent marketing tools. And, if you’d like to have a book that showcases your business or nonprofit but you can’t take on the project yourself, you can always hire a BlurbNation professional to do it for you. More about BlurbNation tomorrow, so don’t touch that dial.

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