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For once the rumble heard throughout Blurb is not my stomach during a lunch meeting, but San Francisco’s fourth annual LitQuake. More than 300 Bay Area authors will be rocking the literary world for 9 days solid, from a refined literary luncheon with National Book Award Winner Barry Lopez this Friday (Oct. 6) to a final debauched Lit Crawl (Oct.14). The legendary Crawl hits 27 Mission venues, and somewhere around bar number 3, spiritually uplifting stories inevitably become interspersed with “this would sound bizarre anywhere but San Francisco…” tales and “is it hot in here, or is it just your poetry?” erotica.

Other picks for this year’s festival include:

A musical extravaganza emceed by Ben Fong-Torres, writer of a hotly anticipated book on The Doors and editor to rock stars in Rolling Stone. (Remember Cameron Crowe’s editor in Almost Famous? That guy.) The lineup includes Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, and Dan Nakamura of Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Sit ‘n Spin, true L.A. stories of screenplays, sitcom pilots, and other things that tend to go horribly wrong … so funny, it hurts.

Barely Published Writers: Their talents are coming out of hiding, with some reading publicly for the first time … give your fellow writers a hand, maybe even a drink, and years from now can say you knew them before they won prizes.

The Politics of Food: You are what you eat, which makes you, what, a carrot with fish gills? Foodies get the scoop from a panel of acclaimed food authors at The Commonwealth Club.

Secrets: Told and Untold: People spill their deepest & darkest to complete strangers over drinks… only these people happen to be otherwise well-respected writers.

See you there!

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