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Using pictures to tell a story is hardly a new idea — witness the cave paintings at Lascaux, or Egyptian pictographs, or even GoFugYourself.

Telling complicated stories with pictures has grown easier and easier as technology advances, and with this handy article you can practically turn your digital photographs into a full-length novel.

But if you want to use words to complement your photographs, BookSmart’s got you covered. You can import even large amounts of your text by clicking on any text box, and just copy-pasting your text from Word (the pasted text will “flow” through adjacent text containers until all text has been automatically flowed into your book).

Need some inspiration on writing great captions or content?

Start with this article on photojournalism, then take a look over here. Or, practice by submitting your captions to captioning contests like this one. At a loss for words? Challenge yourself to come up with one hundred new caption ideas in one minute, because the more ideas you have, the more ideas you’ll have to choose from.

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