What’s Your Most Used Camera?

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The LA Times recently posted about the IPhone passing the Canon Rebel XTi as most popular camera on Flickr. We thought it was pretty interesting, as we see more and more photo books featuring shots from IPhone’s too. Just recently the book iPhone therefore i am made it as one of our Staff Picks in the Blurb online bookstore and features images all shot with an IPhone.

The rising trend, despite relatively low picture quality, may not be that surprising. As columnist Mark Milian writes, “IPhone users are notoriously heavy consumers of mobile Internet — in some cases, surpassing the amount of time they spend surfing the Web on their computers. That could mean they’re apt to share the photos they take on more websites, rather than suggest that the phone’s camera is supplanting more powerful devices.”

We know most of you are avid photographers and utilize flickr to share and store your online photos – what camera do you find yourself using the most?

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