When Your Camera Manual Needs a Manual

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We’ve all been there. Great new camera. Can’t wait to use it. Can’t understand the manual. Bummer. Big bummer, especially if you want to get everything you can from this great piece of equipment. We ‘re not saying everyone has a Canon EOS 7D (nice camera, runs around $1700 or so with lens, definitely a prosumer model) or a Canon EOS Rebel T2i (less pricey but still at around $700 with lens), but we’re pretty sure everyone can relate to this guy’s blog post. Check it out for some good info on where to look for instructions on your instructions. Any of you have any tips on where to find the best how-to info on cameras? We’re all ears.

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  1. I can relate!

    I just recently bought a canon Vixia m-30 camcorder and noticed that some of my video were very sharp and some were not (vacation video’s btw). As I got to digging into the “Manual” (only after something’s not working right..Right?) I noticed that sometimes the camera was set for HD and other times it was set on SD.

    I literally had to (as in “Required”) to go to the canon site to download the main PDF manual which had stuff in it that the paper manual did not. Go Figure!!


    By Gary
      August 30, 2010 – 11:23 am   Permalink

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