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subway Who Is The Book Spy?

Deep beneath the streets of New York City, huddled together in the MTA subway, untold thousands of commuters lose themselves in the pages of books. But they do not go unobserved – for the Book Spy is watching.

The Book Spy is an anonymous blogger who haunts the rails recording the reading habits of his or her fellow book lovers… and posting these observations online, along with a healthy dollop of snarky humor.

Take the description of this unwitting subject, reading Maggie Stiefvater’s werewolf-romance Shiver:

“If she could shape-shift into any animal… she would be a young panther–small enough to be mistaken for a house cat, but all the more dangerous for her ability to affect domesticity.”

Or this description of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture:

“This book is best known for combining all the graduation cards in the world, and incorporating them into one epic pep talk.”

That’s just the kind of wry commentary that makes The Book Spy one of our favorite guilty pleasures.

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