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Who knew we had a techno-shaman in our midst? I kid you not. Our resident IT genius, otherwise known as The Doktor, came out to my house this am to fix my completely wacked email service/client/network/whatever. He pulled out his voodoo stick and started shaking it around my laptop. I kid you not. See picture below. Then, with tongue at least partially in cheek, he said that he was amazed that the net worked at all since he’d been “in the belly of the beast.” From his days at the PARC, I believe him.

mike shaman 2 Who knew? A Techno Shaman at Blurb

So, he figures that a little help from the universe is probably a good thing. He then directed me to this article, wherein he was quoted in 2000. Here are a few excerpts.

“Mike Vincenty is a practical, down to earth guy. A techie who wandered from electrical engineering into computer networks, he was educated at the Coast Guard Academy and, despite his gray ponytail, looks like Mr. Straight-shooter… Mike got to talking about the network ritual that he and the co-executive directors performed after having some scarey server crashes and network snafus. In effect, he came out of the closet to us as a techno-shaman.

I was intrigued enough to stop by his office the other day to find out more. Mike uses animal powers in ritual network cleansing because, as he puts it, “When I find something that works, I use it.” He has made his own ceremonial tools for the job, because as he points out, “You can’t just go out and buy this stuff at Radio Shack.” Mike’s leather ‘doktor’ bag includes a ‘bit vacuum;’ a ‘spirit knife or scraper;’ a set of Medicine Cards representing the animal powers; and a selection of raptor feathers that Mike has collected from his annual treks into the Sierra backcountry.

So, where do those bits and bytes go when your computer crashes? Mike believes that they pile up in the invisible spirit realm and that they need to be cleaned up from time to time. Hence, the bit vacuum, which is a stick with ram chips and floppy drives (to attract the bits)…”

Hey, I know one thing for sure. My email at home has been a house of pain for more than a month. The Doktor paid a house call (helps to be the CEO on occasion) — and my email is cranking. I guess the Universe has spoken.

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  1. Great job Mike! Raptor feathers only work on Apple Macs though. For Windows computers you need paperclips.

    By Marc
      March 26, 2007 – 1:39 am   Permalink

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