Yahoo hack day ’06: a Flickr api, camera, purse, and pedometer

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pin it button Yahoo hack day 06: a Flickr api, camera, purse, and pedometer

We at Blurb love innovation, so kudos to the all-woman team who took the top prize for their project — Blogging in Motion — at Yahoo’s first open Hack Day. Their hack job? A device that automatically takes pictures and posts them to a blog. You might ask why, but consider the Hack Day rules:

* Take something from idea to prototype in 24 hours using at least one Yahoo! API, SDK, or other technology (plenty to choose from at
* At the end of the hacking period, you demo your hack to everyone — really fast, generally in 90 seconds or less

Yahoo Hack Day — started just over a year ago by Chad Dickerson (a coworker of mine from my days at InfoWorld) — is obviously on its way to becoming an institution. Check out the Flickr stream: from the Beck concert, to sleeping hackers, to stacks of pizza boxes — looks like a Blurb book to me.

For more on Yahoo’s Hack Day, check out the thousands of links at Technorati.

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pin it button Yahoo hack day 06: a Flickr api, camera, purse, and pedometer


  1. Sorry, I want it to work, but this system looks pretty half-baked.
    All the things someone would really want are “Coming Soon!”.

    I’d back out of the market for about 6 months and work hard on a more feature rich offering and relaunch. The way it is now is a big turnoff.


    By Dave
      October 2, 2006 – 3:25 pm   Permalink
  2. Your team is wonderful! Thanks so much to your quickness for my wedding day. I had created a book for my wife-to-be on our wedding day of all our memories together… it came out wonderful and in perfect time! Everyone was in tears, even myself after seeing their reactions…

    Thank you!

    I saw Dave’s comment up above…well, don’t get down on that. He’s right, the coming soon is stuff that I’m really interested in, however you have an awesome product here…you have my support and testimony :o)

    Blessings, -Bradley

      October 10, 2006 – 9:46 pm   Permalink
  3. I actually think Dave is commenting on the Hack Day winning app – Blogging in Motion. Certainly the hack is a bit under cooked, considering it came to be in less than 24 hours.

    Sounds like your wedding book was a hit. Congrats. And as you know, tears aren’t always a bad thing.

    By Kathy
      October 11, 2006 – 9:11 am   Permalink

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