You can’t break a book

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I love taking digital photos, looking them half a moment after shooting, effortlessly downloading them to my computer, and then sharing them with my friends over the Internet. Sharing a beautiful sunset of the sun setting over San Francisco’s skyline via digital ones and zeroes is something as beautiful as the sunset itself.

Since infancy, a never-ending supply of electronics to play with has evolved into a very special bond between me and said electronics. The bond is similar to a couple who constantly bicker simply because they spend too much time together. Same with me and electronics. The familiarity and comfort I have with them makes me act careless and insensitive to their needs, while expecting more than what is fair. My problem is that I break everything. When I break myself, modern medicine bails me out. When I break electronics, well, that’s a different story.

Jumping into a river with a cell phone still in your pocket is probably not a good idea. Dropping your external hard drive with hours of one-of-a-kind video footage … also not a good idea. Either way, accidents happen and the thought that all my digital memories might be wiped out in the morning keeps me up in the evenings.

Last time I checked, dropping a book doesn’t destroy the information stored inside. Even going swimming with a favorite book in your pocket won’t do any more damage then warp the paper, unless the dunking is more like deep-sea diving. But compared to its paper counterpart, electronic media – while an amazing thing – is still fairly fragile. Let’s face it, not all accidents can be avoided. So how does one find peace of mind when more and more precious memories are becoming digitized every day? Simple, publish them.

Try breaking those memories now.

– Nikita

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